Discover the Top Subaru Accessories at Subaru of Corvallis

If you're a local driver who has been struggling to find a conveniently located supply of accessories for your trusted Subaru model, then the staff at our Corvallis, OR showroom has a revelation for you! As the go-to resource for interested Subaru customers, from Lebanon, Albany and throughout the Willamette Valley, the Parts Center here at Subaru of Corvallis is well-equipped with a slew of different accessories to consider for your vehicle. Whether you own one of the latest Outback, Forester or Impreza models, you can't go wrong with the affordability and variety of our accessories inventory.

Floor Mats

Pictured: Subaru All-Weather Floor Mats;

1. WeatherTech All-Weather Floor Liners

Starting our list of accessories is the top-choice for those all-terrain drivers who need a floor mat that is as rugged as their lifestyle. Not only are the liners from WeatherTech among the most durable for our customers, but they also are custom installed to each of our models with digital measurements of their unique interiors. Along with the choice between black or tan, our customers will enjoy the added layer of protection to their all-wheel driving capabilities.

2. Subaru All-Weather Floor Mats

If you're in need of heavy-duty floor mats but don't want or need the more expensive WeatherTech liners, the Subaru brand offers its own custom-made floor mats at much less of a premium price. With these equipped inside your vehicle, you can still expect to be protected from the dirt, mud, water, sand, or snow that might make its way inside the cabin.

Compartment Separator / Dog Guard

3. Compartment Separator/Dog Guard

With plenty of hatchback or crossovers in our model lineup, there is a need for convenient way of separating the truck space from the rest of the cabin - especially if there is a canine coming along for the ride! Fortunately this sleek compartment separator has been a top choice for our local dog-loving drivers.

Remote Engine Starter

4. Subaru Remote Engine Starter

There are few accessories that can revolutionize your entire morning routine than a remote starter for your Subaru. Whether you're looking to heat up or cool off your vehicle's cabin before heading out, this added luxury will quickly prove its worth with the shifting seasons.

Splash Guards

5. Splash Guards

For those looking to conquer more trails than roads, the genuine Subaru splash guards are an excellent addition to your vehicle before heading off the pavement. With these equipped, you can steer clear of damage from stones, branches and salts alike!


Rear Seat Back Protectors

6. Rear Seat Back Protectors

One of the more underrated accessories are our rear seat back protectors. Not only do they promote the protection of your seats during cargo trips, but their clean design is ideal for savvy adventurers.


Subaru Cargo Net

7. Cargo Net

If you're a driver to store important gear or cargo in the back of your vehicle, the cargo net is a great way to ease concerns when you park in a public location. The additional dog toy holder is superb for keeping the smaller items organized, whether they're for a dog or child.


Subaru Cargo Tray

8. Cargo/Trunk Tray

Another available layer of protection comes in the form of the cargo/trunk tray, which comes custom fit to your model of choice. With these removable and durable trays equipped, trunk cleanups are an issue of the past.


Side Window Deflectors/Rain Guards

9. Side Window Deflectors/Rain Guards

These accessories are ideal for keeping a steady flow of air coming through your passenger windows, while the rain guards prevent rain or snow from getting inside the cabin.


Luggage Compartment Cover

10. Luggage Compartment Cover

The best way to protect your important cargo is with our luggage compartment covers, which stretches over the truck space to prevent any attention from being drawn to your valuables.