We're in an uncertain time right now and you might not be frequenting all your favorite eateries and driving to work every day. In times like this, where you don't drive your car for extended periods, you want to prep it to sit for a while. Before parking your Subaru wherever you are in Albany, there are a couple of steps you should take to ensure the health and efficiency of your car. Maintaining your vehicle in Corvallis isn't tricky, not with these easy steps. Read on to learn more!

Prep You Car to Sit Around Lebanon

There might be some leftover snacks and drinks in your vehicle that you've meant to take out and throw away but can't seem to remember when you get out of the car. What better time to give your car the much-needed clean it deserves than now? Grab a trash bag and start filling! After you clean the rubbish in your vehicle, make sure to wipe down any high touch spaces in the cabin as well.

Evaluating Oil Changes

Since you're not driving your car the miles that you once were, you want to make sure that you're not judging your oil change based off of your milage but rather off of the time you last got an oil change. We recommend that each of our customers get their oil changed at least once every six months.

Weekly Car Starts

To ensure your battery stays charged while it sits, you're going to want to start your vehicle once a week. When you do these weekly car starts, you'll also want to move your vehicle slightly forward or backward to avoid flat spots on your tires. The tires on your vehicle can develop flat spots in as little as 30 days. Moving your vehicle helps keep your ride quiet and comfortable for when you're ready to drive your car again.

Contact Subaru of Corvallis to Learn More

If you have more questions about the upkeep of your vehicle while staying home, please feel free to contact Subaru of Corvallis. One of our Subaru technicians would be more than happy to answer any of your questions today.

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