Stop By Subaru of Corvallis To Get Your Subaru Ready For Winter

Winter is a fun time of year for many Albany drivers. But winter is also hard on your Subaru and the best way to make sure you and your Subaru get through winter safely while also making most of the snow is with a quick visit to our service center.

Regular service is always a good idea and the best way to keep your Subaru running like new for many miles to come. There are a few services that as extra important for winter driving when the roads are slick, temperatures are freezing, and your Subaru will be covered in road salt. The most important service that will get your Subaru ready for winter is to have your snow tires put on. Also commonly known as winter tires, they provide extraction traction and control with deep treads and softer rubber to better handle cold weather.

Two other winter services that will help you get around this winter is a battery test and exterior light inspection. Being able to clearly see the road as well as being visible to others is imperative. It is also easy to not be aware of a taillight out and our service team can easily replace any out light on your Subaru. No one wants to wake up, go start their Subaru, and find out the battery is dead. Testing the battery before the temperatures get really cold is a very good idea and a great way to keep you warm. If your battery is close to dying we will quickly replace it and get you back on the road.

To learn more about how best to winterize your Subaru be sure to visit our winter service page. You can also ask a member of our service team what your Outback, Legacy or Crosstrek may need this winter and schedule a time to bring your Subaru in.

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