It's a Better Time Than Ever to Take Care of That Spring Auto Service Visit Here at Subaru of Corvallis

The promise of spring is on the horizon, and it's time for that bit of regular service, factory-scheduled maintenance, or more extensive car repair you've kept on your radar. How better to show your new Subaru car or SUV some post-wintertime affection than during the Subaru True Love Event, now through February 28? Before you stop by for a service visit here in Corvallis, feel free to take advantage of a few bits of advice on what to take stock of or have looked at by our car service professionals.

First of all, check out under-hood components. That includes not only your engine but also your belts and hoses (for brittleness and wear) and your system's coolant (for levels and age). Making sure everything's in order can mean not only proper operation of a new Outback but also avoiding overheating as temps climb.

Secondly, take a look at your wiper blades. Cracking or wear can occur due to ice and debris buildup, and while at it, you might find other issues on your windshield, too. Best stay ahead of the demands of spring weather by replacing any necessary elements. It can mean the difference between vacation and a staycation with a new Forester in the driveway.

Next, examine your tire pressure. It decreases as air contracts during cold months, and as it warms again, pressure can once more increase. If it does so past Subaru specifications, it can seriously affect driving a model like the new Impreza as well as its fuel efficiency.

Last, not least, and definitely not all, it's a good idea to get your alignment and suspension inspected. The deep freeze can have a negative effect on both, especially if you and perhaps that new Crosstrek you had your eye on travel frequently over pothole-strewn asphalt or rocky terrain. This, in turn, can lead to damaged components, premature tire wear, trouble steering, and even a fuel efficiency reduction. As you should have your alignment checked about every 6,000 miles or so, you can have your suspension checked at the same time, too, though you can also do so about every 15,000 miles.

These are but a cross-section of boxes to tick on your auto repair spring to-do list. Our highly and expertly trained technicians here at Subaru of Corvallis, however, will be delighted to take care of any and all automotive needs you might have. Be sure to stop by during the month and see us here at 800 NW 5th St., and we'll be sure to deliver the service quality you and your Subaru deserve!

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