Keep Your Subaru Happy & Healthy with Our Outstanding Service Department

Here at Subaru of Corvallis, we do more for our customers than simply sell cars. Long after you have driven off of our lot, we remained committed to ensuring that your Subaru runs in optimal condition for many miles and years to come. Don't take a chance visiting your local mechanic for servicing; treat your ride to the best at our state-of-the-art Subaru service department.

Allow us to share a few helpful service tips for Subaru drivers throughout Corvallis, Lebanon, Willamette Valley and Albany. It is certainly in your best interest to follow routine vehicle maintenance tasks of your particular model. These include tasks such as regular oil changes, wheel alignments, tire rotations, filter replacements, general multi-point inspections and much more. Seemingly minor tasks like these can go a long way in regards to the health and lifespan of your beloved Subaru.

In addition to routine maintenance tasks, you need to make sure that your tires are always in good shape. Uneven wear in tread of your tires can be potentially dangerous to drive on, so visit our tire center if you're unsure of their current status.

Why choose our dealership for servicing? In addition to our team of Subaru trained and certified technicians, we offer competitive pricing that auto shops in the area have a tough time matching. And if you take advantage of our service specials that are available here at Subaru of Corvallis, we will whip your automobile back into pristine shape for a remarkably affordable price.

Call our service department at (888) 710-3643 with any questions for a professional technician, and we hope you schedule your appointment with us soon.

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