Certified vs. Used

"Certified pre-owned" is a term that gets thrown around a lot in the auto industry. What makes a car CPO, and how does that make it different from a regular used car? Not only that, how can you tell which one is best for your budget?

A used vehicle is cheaper than a new one, and it retains its value better too. The biggest hit to a car's value is when it drives off the lot, and the second biggest hit is the first year of ownership. A used car has already taken those hits, and can get you more automotive bang for your buck.

A CPO vehicle is a special kind of used vehicle. It needs to be under 7 years old, have under 80,000 miles on the odometer, and it needs to pass a 152-point inspection. After the purchase, the CPO vehicle receives an extended warranty, as well as 24-hour roadside assistance. Of course, all these extra features mean that a CPO vehicle is more expensive than a used one.

While a used vehicle will save you more money up front, a CPO vehicle may help you save money in the long run. It really depends on what kind of driver you are. For more information, see our certified vs used cars page, or just give us a call at (888) 710-3643. At Subaru of Corvallis, we're here to help you get the best deal possible.

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